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June Rose Allison (nee Whitlock) was born in Eltam south London, Daughter of William Henry Whitlock and Dorothy May Monk. June had 3 Brothers and 2 sisters, Gladys (Deceased), Billy (Deceased), Joan, Boycie(Deceased) and Tommy(Deceased). June lost both parents at an early age. After a hard upbringing June finally found her feet when she met Henry Roy Allison(Deceased 13.10.10) and later married.

They lived in East London and raised 4 children, Terry, Janet, Jenny and Michael. June was hard working and did all it took to keep her family healthy and happy.
June was very energetic and lively and was always the first up dancing whether it was at parties or in pubs, bringing a tray of sandwiches to the pub with her. She was a fantastic cook and made the best roast dinner, everyone wanted her recipe for her gravy, after the roast it was time for salmon sandwiches bought in on a tray with onion,cucumber, pepper and vinegar along with a cup of tea (probably the best tea in the world). She was also known to make the best stews, curries and carrot cake with all the kids and grand kids on at her when you making a stew, even friends from the pub was always asking when you doing your curry, and she would, its the person she was, she would do anything for you.

June lived for her Children and Grandchildren, they all used to stay at her house sleeping in the bunk beds or the camp bed. She loved her holidays and went away once a year. She was stricken with grief when she lost Michael and never got back to her old self but still worried about everyone else. She became ill in April 2004 and fought long and hard to beat it but towards the end it was to much and it took her life in December, She will be sadly missed by everyone.

Before June died we had arranged to do a firework display for her on the 5th November with all the family together, but then it got cancelled because of how weak and ill she was, but then 4 days before it was meant to go ahead she told the doctors that she wasn't staying in because all her family was coming to see her, so the fireworks went ahead with her watching them from her bed and everyone seeing her, it was the last time all the family was together but the happiness coming from her face was worth seeing alone, it was emotional for everyone but it was a night that won't be forgotton, June passed away 4 weeks later.

One of the last things June said was "Everyone is gonna forget me" Please visit the site again and tell eveyone who knew June about the site. Help us to keep her memory alive, its what she wanted.

Thank you to everyone that visits the site, please feel free to add any tributes or condolences, and if you have any pictures you would like us to add please send them to me at or terri at  
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Tributes and Condolences
my aunty June   / Dawn Jones (niece)
Love this lady when I was young I used to go and stay with her every weekend, she was so well liked there was always people in and out of her house it was a lovely atmosphere. Aunt June was the only aunt that we used to see and treated us like on of ...  Continue >>
Missing you at Christmas and New Year  / Terri Walsh (Grand-Daughter)
We all love and miss you so much
Your at peace now
I know i will see you again
till then take care
   love you
This was the speech that was read at the funeral service. / Lisa Allison (Grandaughter)    Read >>
My Poem for my nan (read at the funeral service)  / Ricky Allison (Granson)    Read >>
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Nanny on holiday
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